Douglas DC-6B


PSA acquired one DC-6B and based it in Oakland for OAK-LAX-SAN service starting in October 1960. The service was short-lived, though, and PSA sold the DC-6B in March 1961 and pulled out of Oakland. PSA would return to Oakland with the Electra in 1964.

Flt #RegistrationTypeMSNLNHistory
768N90768DC-6B43845330American 'Flagship Fort Worth' 02/14/1953 - 05/27/1958
General Airlines/North American 5/58-8/12/60
Giles Co. LT PSA 08/12/1960 - 04/01/1961
Standard Airways N199S 5/61-10/63
Iran Air EP-AEY 1/66-2/73
Numerous Operators 2/73-10/86
Aerorental Cargo del Caribo HI-558 10/86-, WFU