The first DC-9 was ordered as part of the pilot training program in 1967. While PSA never did any pilot training on the DC-9, the aircraft was put into revenue service in the interim. Both aircraft were sold off in 1969.

In 1983, four aircraft were purchased from Air Canada to allow rapid growth without purchasing more expensive DC-9-80s. These four aircraft were originally destined for startup airline Altair, but Altair went bankrupt before delivery. PSA operated these planes alongside the DC-9-80s until the merger, when they were added to the large USAir DC-9 fleet.


Flt #RegistrationTypeMSNLNHistory
401N981PSDC-9-324700699PSA 03/23/1967 - 01/26/1970
AeroMexico XA-SDF 1/70
WFU by 7/20/04 07/20/2004
402N982PSDC-9-3147251244PSA 01/24/1968 - 07/14/1969
Ozark N982PS 7/14/69-8/85
TWA N982PS 08/01/1985
WFU VCV 8/20/01, ROW 3/7/02
Still at ROW 2007, to be scrapped
705N705PSDC-9-3245846112Air Canada C-FTLI
Altair N901AK NTU
PSA 01/01/1983 - 04/09/1988
NM The Smile of Eugene
USAir 4/9/88 (rr N913VJ 3/88)
WFU, stored MHV/Avtel 1/11/01
706N706PSDC-9-3147020126Air Canada C-FTLK
Altair N902AK NTU
PSA 09/01/1983 - 04/09/1988
NM The Smile of Oakland
USAir 4/9/88 (rr N912VJ 3/88)
WFU, stored Mojave/Avtel 1/10/01
707N707PSDC-9-3147023158Air Canada C-FTLN
Altair N903AK NTU
PSA 06/01/1983 - 04/09/1988
NM The Smile of Phoenix
USAir 4/9/88-8/96 (rr N916VJ 3/88)
WFU Marana 8/96, BU 11/97
708N708PSDC-9-3147068160Air Canada C-FTLP
Altair N904AK NTU
PSA 11/01/1983 - 04/09/1988
NM The Smile of Jose Del Cabo
USAir 4/9/88-9/97 (rr N914VJ 3/88)
WFU 9/97 Marana, BU 4/99