Flight Training Aircraft

Flight Training aircraft, 1960s
Flight Training aircraft, 1960s
Lufthansa Flight Training Students, 1969
Lufthansa Flight Training Students, 1969
Flight Training aircraft
Flight Training aircraft
N845PS (2)
N845PS (2)
N4916J, 1968
N4916J, 1968
Aztec N238PS
Aztec N238PS
Cherokee N841PS
Cherokee N841PS
Aztec N237PS
Aztec N237PS
PSA Helicopter
PSA Helicopter

PSA started training flight crews again in 1965 to support the 727 operation. In 1967, Bill Shimp successfully negotaited a contract with Lufthansa to train 727 crews, followed by ANA. Lufthansa crews were put up at Brown Field; ANA crews based out of Montgomery Field in San Diego. PSA bought Crownair, a Piper dealer and FBO based at Montgomery Field, to support the operation.

Lufthansa training was moved in 1970 to Goodyear, AZ, a western suburb of Phoenix, where the school (renamed Airline Training Center, or ATC, then sold to Lufthansa in 1992 and renamed again) remains in operation today.

The flight training fleet records are spotty at best, and this is what has been compiled over the years (primarily by John Wegg of Airways Magazine.) The YS-11s were operated for ANA pilot training and never painted in PSA colors. The Beech 99 was operated for flight training - I know of no pictures of the aircraft. The helicopters were used for training and short-lived scheduled service around San Diego. Most aircraft have been determined by use of photgraphs, and limited cross-checking of the FAA registry.

Flt #RegistrationTypeMSNLNHistory
0N7816SBell 206 Helicopter16PSA, 1967
Service to Hotel Del, Bahia, Town & Country Hotels
One month only, from SAN
Other details unknown
6N4906JPiper Aztec 28R-18028R-30624
6N4906JPiper Aztec 28R-180?
7N7307RBeech Bonanza F33CE-503WO Needles, CA 3/15/77
Mid-air with Mooney
9N4609JPiper Aztec 28R-180?
16N4916JPiper Aztec 28R-18028R-30635PSA /68
17N7917SBell 47 G4A7552PSA ?-69
Set 121 hr helicopter endurance record, 5-12-69
22N9222PPiper Comanche 24-26024-4719
23N9223PPiper Comanche 24-260??
34N8134RBeech Bonanza F33ACE-524
36N236PSPiper Aztec 23-35027-3584PSA, 2/67
W/O 12/89
37N237PSPiper Aztec 23-35027-3585PSA, 2/67
CR Lebec, CA 6/11/69
38N238PSPiper Aztec 23-35027-3721PSA, 7/67
41N841PSPiper Comanche 24-26024-4684?PSA, 3/67
42N842PSPiper Comanche 24-26024-4685PSA, 3/67
42N242PSPiper Aztec 23-35027-3722PSA, 7/67
43N843PSPiper Comanche 24-26024-4687PSA, 4/67
44N844PSPiper Comanche 24-26024-4694PSA, 5/67
45N845PSPiper Comanche 24-26024-4600PSA, 5/67
48N8148RBeech Bonanza F33ACE-526
49N849PSPiper Aztec 23-35027-3913PSA, 5/68 unconfirmed
W/O 3/77
50N850PSPiper Aztec 23-35027-3916PSA, 5/68 unconfirmed
51N851PSPiper Aztec 23-35027-3919PSA, 5/68
CR Bonita, CA 10/13/70
52N852PSPiper Aztec 23-35027-3920PSA, 5/68
W/O 6/12/76 West Liberty, KY
52N7652JPiper Aztec 28R-18028R-30152
52N8552RBeech Bonanza F33ACE-533
53N653LJLearjet 2424-126Short-lived 727 transition A/C
53N853PSPiper Aztec 23-25027-3928PSA, built 5/68
54N854PSPiper Aztec 23-25027-3896PSA, built 3/68
55N855PSPiper Aztec 23-25027-3895PSA, built 3/68
57N857PSPiper Aztec 23-35027-3732PSA, built 9/67
58N858PSPiper Aztec 23-35027-3762PSA, built 10/67
59N859PSPiper Aztec 23-35027-3897PSA, built 3/68
60N860PSPiper Aztec 23-35027-3898PSA, built 3/68
61N861PSPiper Aztec 23-25027-3899PSA, built 3/68
75N4675JPiper Aztec 28R-18028R-30576
78N7378RBeech Bonanza F33ACE-516
82N6282YPiper Aztec 23-25027-3611Built 9/67
83N8583RBeech Bonanza F33ACE-538
84N8584RBeech Bonanza F33ACE-539
86N8586RBeech Bonanza F33A???
92N6492YPiper Aztec 23-25027-3735Built 9/67
92N2292UBrantly B2464
99N4299ABeech 99U-146PSA 05/01/1972 - 08/01/1975
Replaced Cessna UC-78
Royale Airlines 8/75-12/87
LT Colgan Airways 12/86-12/87
Ameriflight 12/87
601N208PAYS-11A-2002082Cruziero del Sol PP-CTK 11/27/1968 - 10/22/1972
PSA training, 10/23/72-3/5/74 03/05/1974 - 03/05/1974
CR 3/5/74 Borrego Springs, CA
(Not painted in PS colors)
602N209PAYS-11A-2122091VASP PP-SMO 02/10/1969 - 03/25/1974
PSA training 3/23/74-8/1/75, STD 8/1/75
ANA JA8716 7/29/77-12/20/83
Mid Pacific N908TC 12/83-7/89
LT Trans Central 3/84-8/84
LT Forth Worth Airlines 12/84-9/85
Servicios Aereos Litoral XA-RPU, BU GWO /96