May 1972

May 1972. Back row: Chris O'Keith, Chris Schroeder, Marsha Dilley, Kathy Wierschem, Jackie Hammel, Susan Callagy, Marjorie Ridder, Shron Gonnerman, Sharon Meritt, Karen Russell, Pat Barney. Front row: Barbara Heath, Justine Wells (chief stewardess - training), Eileen Jurich, Donna Bissel, Judy DeHammer, Cindy Williams, Marsha Houghton, Carol Hoersch, and Kris Kempe.


Coach Wambacher, 1972

Coach Wambacher (1972-73)

The second of the Ronnie Schell "Call-in" ads features a football coach who isn't quite sure about his sports...

Courtesy of Chris Laborde.

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Bouncing Bobby, 1972

Bouncing Bobby (1972-73)

One of the last Ronnie Schell ads, this one features Ronnie hosting a fake call-in show with a unique personality who can't quite figure out that PSA flies to 11 cities.

Courtesy of Chris Laborde.

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