While PSA mentioned Disneyland in marketing for many years, in 1983 PSA became the official airline of Disneyland.

Along with this, PSA sponsored the Circlevision at Disneyland, and introduced a new film, "American Journeys". Located in the entrance of the Circlevision theater were some historical displays from PSA, including photos of all of the flight attendant uniforms.

Jeremy Escenazi wrote:

I worked at Disneyland in the mid 1980's, and I worked on the PSA attraction: American Journey's Presented in CircleVision 360. With the collapse of the Bell System, the old "America The Beautiful" attraction in the CircleVision theatre reverted to an unsponsored attraction. Then, PSA stepped up to the plate and became a sponsor of a NEW CircleVision presentation and remodeled theatre. The pre-show area had a huge wall, with a chronology of backlit photos of all of the Flight Attendant's uniforms. There was also a large stage area that presented a show about the history of flight presented by Orville and Wilbur (cartoon characters from the "Rescuers"). We all wore a unique banded collar white shirt with the PSA colors on the collar and the placket. Prior to the movie being started in the main theatre, a single, classy PSA logo played on the screen. Later, the theatre began to show the "Wonders of China", also in CircleVision 360. After PSA was acquired by USAir, the sponsorship reverted to Delta Airlines, as the sole "official airline" of Disneyland and Walt Disney World.