PSA's 1969 fleet consisted of one DC-9, one Boeing 727-100, 14 Boeing 727-200s, and nine Boeing 737-200s. The airline's fare structure included the following: SAN-LAX, SAN-BUR, SAN-ONT, SFO-SMF $7.14; SAN-SFO, SAN-OAK, SAN-SJC $20.95; SAN-SMF $22.86; LAX-SFO, LAX-OAK, LAX-SJC, BUR-SFO, BUR-OAK, BUR-SJC $14.52; ONT-SFO $16.19, LAX-SMF $16.19

PSA carried 4.4 million revenue passengers and posted a year end profit of $3,747,016.