Other Reunion Photos

2003 Chris Laborde exhibition

After the Aerospace Museum exhibit dedication, approximately 100 people arrived at Lindbergh Field for a photo session in front of the PSA Exhibit. The exhibit, put on by Chris Laborde of www.jetpsa.com, featured six display cases, and was extended by the Airport Authority to coincide with the Picnic.

2003 Air & Space Museum exhibit dedication

The first event of "PSA Weekend 2003" was the dedication of the new Aerospace Museum exhibit. The new exhibit showcases additional pictures, old uniforms, and restores the PSA Latrine to it's rightful use.

This new exhibit builds on the original display case spearheaded by the late Capt. Art Steck, with leadership from Capt. Randy Prine and a significant grant from Thomas Friedkin. Additional support came from Karen Rohr, who graciously donated her uniform collection.

Some photos from the dedication ceremony (where over 600 people were in attendance) are included here.