Capt. Allan Lindemann

Passed On Jan 19th, 2001 Allan "Lindy" Lindemann was born in Ellwood Illinois on January 19th 1922. Then at 7,moved to various places until his graduation in Albion Michigan in 1940. He then joined the Navy in December 1941, serving in such hot spots as Guadacanal, Tunisia, taking great losses at Murmansk Russia and finally the invasion of France on 'D'day. Then was discharged from the Navy in San Diego in 1947. In 1947 he worked in San Diego at Friedkin School of Aeronautics, eventually becoming a school student learning to fly, recieving various licenses from private thru ATR and Instrument. He then became the 7th pilot hired by Chief Pilot "Bud Plosser" in June 1950. Doing double duty as Flight Instructor and line flying the DC3. In 1953, he left the now PSA to become a Flight Instructor for the USAF. "Lindy" then returned to PSA in 1957, resuming his career as an airline pilot serving PSA as the consumate professional until his retirement in 1982. "Lindy" always had a smile for everyone along with an infectious humor that touched us all. We were very lucky to have known him and what he left in our hearts.