Books about PSA

Volume 1 (and the only volume) of Jack Resley Beck's autobiography, about his flying days at the Non-Skeds through the swinging 1960's at PSA. Sadly, Jack has since passed away, so there will not be a volume 2.

Marilyn Tritt's book about her experiences as a PSA and US Airways Stew. This book is long out of print, but also worth having.

Mark Mentges and Alan Renga put together this book from the archives of the San Diego Air & Space Museum, as part of the Images of America series. This focuses on photos, many of which can be seen on this website. It's still a nice compilation book and worth having, particularly as it's one of the few still in print.

Former PSA Pilot Robert Chapman's 1982 book about pilot fatigue and PSA flight 182. This book is prone to some sensationalism, and isn't as good as many of the other books listed here.

Gary Kissel's definitive book about PSA. This book is out of print (as the publisher and author are no longer with us), but it is worth finding if you can for a not inflated price.

US Airways Corporate Historian Bill Lehman compiled this book, including all of the heritage airlines. PSA is represented as part of the history of US Airways.