Museum exhibits

San Diego Air & Space Museum

The original San Diego Air & Space Museum exhibit was dedicated May 6, 2000, and consisted of two display cases in the International Aerospace Hall of Fame. Spearheaded by the late Capt. Art Steck and funded by PSA pilots, this case was the first exhibit devoted to PSA in the museum.

Original Air & Space museum display caseOriginal Air & Space museum display case 2


On September 27, 2003, a new exhibit was unveiled as part of the new Commercial Aviation section - Pacific Southwest Airlines: A California Phenomenon. The following pictures are taken from that exhibit. Many of the items shown here can be found elsewhere on the PSA History Page, however, images are included here to show them in context to the exhibit.

Air & Space exhibit introAir & Space exhibit intro
Air & Space exhibit 1940sAir & Space exhibit 1950s
Air & Space exhibit 1960sAir & Space exhibit 1970s
Air & Space exhibit 1980s
Air & Space exhibit case leftAir & Space exhibit case right
Air & Space exhibit uniforms
Air & Space exhibit cardAir & Space exhibit case models
Air & Space exhibit latrine 1Air & Space exhibit case latrine 2
Air & Space latrineAir & Space exhibit card 2

Flight Path Museum

The Flight Path museum, just south of LAX airport in the former Imperial Terminal, has some display cases devoted to PSA, with items donated by US Airways.

Flight Path display case
Flight Path wallFlight Path 3